Fight to Feast Well

From bootleggers to brazen bombshells, trailblazers have spiced up life for the rest of us. Take prohibition, for example. Until it was repealed in 1933, folks like moonshiners put their necks on the line to revolutionize libations and give cause for celebration.

Now, nearly a century later, Saucy Rebellion embodies that same spirit, taking the fight to mundane meals. Infusing our foods with legendary, mambo- style sauces and candied jalapeños, this deliciousness takes temptation to the next level.

Mambo Sauce Mythology

Mambo Sauce’s celebrated roots go way back, originating in our old stomping ground of Washington D.C. Sort of similar to BBQ Sauce… but not really. It’s sweeter and with a pleasant spice that scratches your tongue’s savory itch. It’s also fantastically flexible, which is a good thing. Because for those of us who’ve encountered this legendary condiment, we suspect it’ll be your go-to sauce too.